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Sparkle San Francisco was founded in 2012 out of a serious passion for nail art and the desire to put San Francisco on the nail art map. Since the beginning it’s been a fun place where nail art fantasies come true for everyone. Our clients leave delighted with personalized, beautiful and long lasting artistic creations that are the talk of the town or their social circle. As a collective of independent nail artists within a private nail studio we've been able to incubate nail art stars who've continued to grow, innovate and dominate the nail art scene.  It's been an amazing experience sharing something we love, seeing the joy it brings and having it spark creativity in another -- and in some cases even inspiring another woman to pursue her own dreams of nail artistry and entrepreneurship. We're thrilled to offer classes and workshops so that more nail artists can access our technical knowledge and trainings going forward. We're also working on nail art products and product collaborations so no matter where you are you can enjoy a bit of Sparkle San Francisco.


Also know as @SuperflyNails

Mia is the Founder of Sparkle San Francisco. A San Francisco native, she graduated from San Francisco State University with a B.S. in Business and Entrepreneurship. When her fascination with the nails on her favorite celebrities morphed into a full-on love affair, she applied her business savvy to open her own nail art studio, Sparkle SF, located in San Francisco’s Mission District. To work with Mia on editorial, photo or video projects please contact her agency Aubri Balk

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